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Irene's Page of Windows95 Links

Using Outlook Express 5.0 (the one which comes with IE5), You can make your own stationery! Open up OE5, select 'Message' from the menu, then choose 'New Message Using,' and click on 'Select Stationery.' At that point, you should see a 'Create New' button... click it and the Stationery Creation Wizard will help you with the rest. Use this picture tiled down left side and a black background with white text for an animated Homer (simpson's) stationery

To turn off the sound of your modem entirely, open the Control Panel, click on the modem icon, select the installed modem, then click the Properties button. From there, choose the "Connection" tab, then click the 'Advanced' button. In the "Extra Settings" line, enter "M0" (without the quotes)... that's 'M' as in mother and '0' as in zero (the number). Ah, peace and quiet!

Copernic 99 v3.0b Free Version This FREE software agent finds exactly what you're looking for by simultaneously consulting many Internet search engines. With Copernic 99, your searches will be easier, faster and more complete. It provides access to about 30 information sources such as AltaVista, Deja News, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek, Lycos, Magellan, WebCrawler and Yahoo!. It features a search wizard, a detailed search history, automatic software updates and many useful search management functions. Copernic 99 v3.0b : Download site 2MB (14 min@ 28800 modem)

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Irene's Snazzy List of Links

Cavern's Windows95 Page: windows 95 must have bookmark
Alexa: free cool web tool
Irene's Page of Paint Shop Pro Links: Great Links for Paint Shop Pro
Irene's Music Box: - select a song
Webmonkey: Lots of web dev info, tutorials, etc. They also have a mailing list.
Uncle Debi's Calendar Wallpaper: Halloween Wallpaper 1998 Pack and more ready to be downloaded!
Ultimate Collection of Newspaper Links: find any newspaper in the world
Dr. Download: shareware
Fred's Browser Tune: check your copy of IE 4.0
Search for Your Favourite CD Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: music search site
Lyco Pro: Advanced Search
My Great Photo Page :
Irene's Great Freebies: UNDER CONSTRUCTION check later
Microsoft Powertoys: download free powertoys
Bob Cerelli's Windows Tips
ComputingX Win98 Tips
Over 280 tips and tricks on Windows 95 & 98
Danworld= Tips Top of the net resource for all kinds of Windows tips
Eric's Windows 95 Tips
Exclusive Windows Tips and Secrets Windows 98 tricks, secrets, bugs + fixes
Windows tips and tricks by FixWindows
Windows tips and tricks by FixWindows
My Great Page Of Free Midis

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