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The Patient Investor Weekly Stock Screens

Fortuneinvestor - canada Powerful stock analysis for all major North American markets

Fidelity Investments Canada Information 

My Stock Quotes 

Perspective 60 year cycle 

Canadian MoneySaver Online - DRIPS and SPPs

MarketPlayer Sample Reports 

Blue Chip Stocks best of baystreet canada

canada drips dogs of the dow stock picks foolisht TSE

MarketPlayer Screening Field 

MarketPlayer Sample Reports

Upgrades and downgrades today


Our updated list of Foolish Eight principles. 

   1. A high relative strength of 90 or more
   2. A minimum price tag of $7 per share
   3. Daily Dollar Volume somewhere from $1 million to $25 million
   4. Sales and earnings growth of 25% or greater
   5. $500 million or less in sales
   6. Net profit margin of at least 7%
   7. Insider holdings of 10% or more
   8. Positive cash flow from operations

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Canada: Reverse Lookup

Net Current Asset Value Stocks at Bargain Basement Prices--Benjamin Graham 

Datek-Todays Extreme EPS Surprises Zacks

Datek-Your Home Page good inform 

stocks and chartsDirections Canadian Discount Brokers Weekly Stock Workshop Screen Current Rankings

Globe Investor new highs and lows Toronto

MarketPlayer active-competition-list

Investing Tools - Graphs
Online investors are finding it better than direct investing
because of the huge stock and index share selection (5 times
larger), the aggregated online account statements, and the low
$2 transaction fees. 


  COMPANY SITE www.book4golf
Price $5.30 may 30-00


MaverickTrader.Com partners with ZACKS to bring you quick and accurate research.  Just type in a stock symbol and click on "Get Report". This is a great place to find analyst recommendations.


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